Why You SHOULD Have a Land Survey Completed Before Purchasing Land?

Buying land, whether commercial or residential, is always a financially demanding endeavor, despite that prices have eased somewhat lately. Because of this seeking out for a lot which you like and making a deal for it without performing a land survey within the area might well be the biggest mistake that one can make.

Here’s why it’s important that you have land surveying done first:

Land surveyors can analyse if you’re actually getting what you’re likely to pay for. This simply means uncover whether the sidewalks, trees, driveways and even the bird bath is part of the property you’re planning to buy.

Land surveying would also see whether the neighbors are encroaching into your property, which will then mean you’re gonna have problems at some point with your neighbors. Signing on with land surveyor doesn’t only mean they know what you’re getting or otherwise not getting – land surveyors are the experts, and they can help with building regulations, wetland regulations, etc.

Be aware that these regulations can change anytime, but land surveyors ought to be updated on these regulations, or they can refer you to somebody is.

Suppose the existing landowner (the one selling the land) can present you with old land survey documents? You should still hire your own land surveyor to verify that the boundary monuments are still in position.

Also, land surveying done a long time back might not exactly show recent changes to the land. When the existing survey is older than about 10 years, you must get a whole new survey. Technology and surveying standards are way better now and may give you more confidence in the survey work.

Second, that survey was completed for that owner. He could have instructed the surveyor not to show specific things on the drawing. At least have a land surveyor get out there and review the parcel with this survey in hand. We have witnessed numerous instances when a whole new land survey would save the client thousands so don’t be a victim.

Land SurveyI’ve heard many people say employing a land surveyor is nothing but unnecessary expense. I’ll show you what’s unnecessary: the worries caused by paying lots of money for something and ending up not getting whatever you were expecting. If you’re smart, you’d hire an approved land surveyor prior to any land purchases.

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